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The Police Department is involved in numerous programs to enhance the service to our community. The Patrol/Traffic Division is assigned to an Officer District Program, where each officer is assigned a geographical area of the City as their district. The officers spend extra time in their districts making contacts with the residents and business within the district and attending to concerns or complaints. 

The patrol officers patrol all areas of the city, responding to calls for service, investigating accidents, unusual incidents and violations of the law. The crime prevention programs such as the Citizen’s Police Academy are designed to enhance community security, heighten the citizens' power of observation and to encourage mutual assistance and concern among neighbors. The SRO will continue our long standing tradition of presenting K-12 school classes which includes D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), the Charlie Checkfirst Program, Child I.D., the Student Police Academy and various other presentations dealing with Crime Prevention. Residents and business' are urged to look out for one another and to report any suspicious activity by calling the police at 911. 

The Detective Division investigates all cases both adult and juvenile. They also work with our Burrell Youth Commission, which is comprised of volunteers from the City of Lower Burrell and the Township of Upper Burrell. A Westmoreland county Judge appoints the members of the Youth Commission. The Youth Commission hears cases involving offenses such as theft, retail theft, underage drinking, curfew violations, simple assaults, incorrigible youths and other offenses. The Youth Commission places juveniles on probation, counsels the youth and monitors their progress toward becoming a model teen citizen. We hope these services improve our citizens’ standard of living and make our community a better and safer place to live. If you are in need of our services, please dial 911, or dial our office at 724-339-4287.