Click here to view the forms often used by the police department to get information from our citizens, or to provide them with important information.  Click the button to access these forms.

Traffic Enforcement

The Lower Burrell Police would like to thank HILLCREST VW for providing the "NO PILL POPPING PASSAT"! This is the second time they provided a DARE car to the department ! FREE of charge to the city. The vehicle will be used by the SRO to travel between schools. Thanks Again To HILLCREST VW!

Important Forms

Citizen Police Academy

creating a safer city - day by day

and remaining responsive to our citizens' needs

Traffic enforcement is an important responsibility of the Police Department, as it helps keep everyone safe.  If you wish to submit a traffic enforcement request, please click the button below for more information and access to the form.

2800 Bethel Street Lower Burrell PA 15068

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Beginning March 5, 2020

Our Citizen Police Academy is a great way for our citizens to learn about the many facets of the Police Department.  Classes include:

  • Criminal and Drug Investigation
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Juveniles and our Youth Commission
  • Crime Prevention
  • ‚ÄčAnd much more

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